Our Focus

We partner with high potential companies and management teams to achieve the next level of growth

Our Investment Focus

Investing Criteria


We invest in successful businesses in industrial and other sectors that serve professional and other demanding technical customers. We are especially attracted to investment partnerships where our operational focus, expertise and executive network can assist management to accelerate growth.

We have deep experience partnering with management teams, families, and founders to achieve their objectives from continued growth to business transition. We have accumulated a set of experiences, tools and relationships that make us a helpful partner and investor. We believe that growth is a process and a team sport and we are a hands-on resource to help management expand, grow and further professionalize their business.

Since we are growth oriented, we seek to avoid excess financial leverage to ensure our investments can capitalize on growth plans and opportunities.

Profitable businesses

$4m to $20m

Business Segments

Industrial Technology Serving Professional


$10 - $100

Ownership Position

Seek Majority Positions

Business segments


We invest across a select set of business-to-business segments serving professional end customers. Professional customers have a job to do and take their job seriously. They are a demanding customer base, but they understand value (not just price).

We believe there are common themes regarding professional customer needs, translating those needs into products and services and reaching these customers on a global basis.

With our experience, network, and Pike Street Operating system (which we call S2E), we help management teams tackle new sectors of growth, expand geographically, enhance go-to-market systems and accelerate product development.

Our Approach


Strategic Relationships

We have accumulated a set of experiences, tools and relationships that make us a helpful partner to management teams. We believe growth is a process and a team sport, so we work to help management unlock new growth opportunities.


Operating Model

Through our collective experiences, we have created the Pike Street Operating Model – Strategy to Execution (S2E). The process starts with partnering with management through the diligence process to create a shared view on the strategy of the business. We believe in the importance of transparency and alignment when making investment decisions.


Focused Execution

We typically see the opportunity to help and invest in four key areas:

  • Go-to-Market
  • Concept-to-Products
  • Operational Excellence
  • Talent Development
We work with the management team to make sure we have the plans, investment, and talent to grow the business.

Additional Acquisitions

The combination of a targeted strategy, focused execution, and capital puts the company in a stronger position to accelerate growth through acquisition. Pike Street Capital's origination capabilities help management gain access to targeted opportunities to accelerate their strategic initiatives.